The Three greats – Shakib Al Hasan, Imran Khan & Ian Botham

137 years of history where over 2770 players played. Only few players could write their name in the book of legend. Bangladesh, compared to that is much backdated. Barely 20 years of history. Not many great achievements were done by them. But one name will never be forgotten no matter what. Because this one name is like the light of moon in Bangladesh’s dark history. The name is Shakib-Al-Hasan.

One of the greatest players of history and perhaps the best player ever born in Bangladesh. This man is reaching records after records like its child’s play and I doubt the record he created will be broken soon by any Bangladeshi Player. Shohag Gazi, Elias Sunny, Taijul Islam and some other names have been compared to him but truth be told none of them are even in the same league a Shakib. What did he do to get such praise, you ask? Let us discuss that.

shakib al hasan

In 137 years of Cricket History only three greats have reached a feat so great that many other legendary players couldn’t even touch it. Shakib is one of those 3 players.
Record 1 –
Player – Ian Botham
Runs – 114
Wickets – 13
Opponent – India
Record 2 –
Player – Imran Khan
Runs – 117
Wickets – 11
Opponent – India
Record 3 –
Player – Shakib Al Hasan
Runs – 137
Wickets – 10
Opponent – Zimbabwe
All these peoples reached this feat in only one match. Scoring a 100 and taking 10 or more wickets have been only done 3 times since the beginning of history of cricket. Shakib reached this feat in recent match against Zimbabwe and thanks to that Bangladesh won the match with time to spare.
Some might wonder if it really is that great. But the truth of the matter is, it is. Wasim Akram, Jack Callis, Gari Sobars, Mushtak Ahamed couldn’t touch that. In last 30 years no other players were able to reach it but after that waiting Shakib did it. Still doubting? I don’t think there is any place left to doubt it anymore. All those great players will be now wondering, what this 28 year boy can do when he plays. Perhaps he will be the one to surpass all of them and be the greatest all-rounder of all time. Only time will tell if it will be a reality or not but there is no doubt Shakib already is great. Its time to celebrate for the people of Bangladesh that they have gotten a player as good as Shakib.

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