Tajul’s history making performance gets Bangladesh win

The whole script was written by his hand and thus it’s his right that he would write the end of the story with his own hand. The short ball from Elton Chigombura was hit beautifully and the ball was surely going outside of the boundaries. Mushfiqur Rahim the Bangladeshi skipper who was standing on the other side took the stump out before the ball could do so and on the other hand the striker of the ball Tajul Islam bowed his down in respect to the almighty in the Sher-E-Bangla Stadium.

I think this kind of celebration makes it clear that this win was much cherished and the whole team was eager to get this win no matter what. This win was the result of some great plays by the players and it will be cherished as one of the most memorable days.


2014 was a bad year for the Bangladeshi players and the team. The year was nearing its end yet there weren’t any wins to show by the name of the team. But finally that changed by winning the test match against Zimbabwe.

The 101 target that was made by Zimbabwe was going out of reach as the pitch was acting up and down while the Bangladeshi batsmen weren’t very careful while batting. Even though the score was quite reachable but it was going out of reach bit by bit. But Bangladesh managed to get a win by that boundary scored by Tajul.

But this win has bought a lot more than just a win for Bangladesh. It’s the first time Bangladesh won a match without playing the fourth day. The lowest score by Zimbabwe in test against Bangladesh was made in this test and the score is 114. Bangladeshi bowlers took 7 wickets in one session and it’s the best bowling performance ever made by Bangladeshi in one session. Tajul got 8 wickets and that is also a history making record for Bangladesh. Shakib took seven wickets against New Zealand and that was the best bowling performance made by any Bangladeshi bowler but Tajul broke it in this match.

After the end of second day Panianga said that they can give a target of 900 runs against Bangladesh but it was their bad luck they barely managed only 101. They must not have been hoping this kind of devastation.

The pitch was already a death pitch for batsmen and on the third day it was acting up by giving the spinners more turn and bounce than before. That’s why Bangladeshi Skipper didn’t even bring one of the Pacer to bowl. And thanks to that Taijul took the advantage of the pitch to the maximum. Shakib and Shahadat started this innings but even Shakib who took 6 wickets in last match had to be happy with one wicket. Taijul took all of the other wickets. He started his cameo by getting a cought behind from the opener Sibanda. Among his 8 wickets, he took 4 in two overs while each over offered two wickets for him. He got the chance to complete a hat-trick on the 36th over. Chatara and Kamungozi got out on 4th and 5th ball and he had a chance to complete the hat-trick. But it was a pure bad luck for taijul that Zimbabwe didn’t have any more wickets and the game ended.

Those who were amazed by this performance didn’t know that more surprises were waiting for them. Tamim, Shamsur and Muminul went back before scoring and things became devastating for Bangladesh. After that Mahmudullah and Shakib made a contribution of 46 runs but both batsmen got a chance each ehen they scored only 1 run. Even though Niyombu couldn’t make his best effort earlier but later he made the comeback by catching Shakib’s bat hit ball and he had to leave to the Pavillion. While the score was 62, both Mahmudullah and Shuvagoto got out on the same over by Chigombura. The skipper was alone as all the real batsmen were struck out already while he came in bat. The score was 62 by 6. Shahadat and tajul kept the skipper company and they made quite a comeback from that position. Shahadat scored a maginificent six and his celebration was really interesting. He was showing the bat at Zimbabwe dressing room while his eyes were on Raza who were provoking him for quite a while. It’s as if he hit that hit to answer Raza’s provoking. After that came the winning partnership as Tajul and Mushfiq took the team to door of win. Thanks to that Bangladesh won their first test after 10 years in their home ground. Tajul of course is the one who ended the game with his bat.

Scorecard –

Zimbabwe – 240 and 114

Bangladesh – 254 and 101/7

Result – Bangladesh wins by 3 wickets.

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