Saeed Ajmal Test Bowling Issue

Saeed Ajmal• Biggest problem with Saeed Ajmal is that he played too much short Format cricket and test cricket played by Pakistan in recent past is Very low as compared other big cricketing nations


• Saeed ajmal struggles to find right pace too trouble the batsmans In test format.He is bowling mostly above 90 kmh in test cricket Which too high from my liking same the case is with abdur rehman


• Saeed ajmal is bowling too fast so that’s why his bowl never do too Much as and his doosra becomes a straight easy ball for a batsman Rather than a threatening ball


• Second big problem with saeed ajmal is that he bowls too much doosra That his secret weapon is become very much knowable for the batsman And batsman knows now he will bowl another doosra

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• Saeed ajmal got frustrated also because there is no support from other ends from bowlers and all the workload is on his shoulders that’s why He tries to do too much and he bowls Quick and that’s why his performance is not up to the mark in last 5-6 test matches


Writen by _ Ahmer Najeeb (Pakistan)